Saturday, October 27, 2012

Featured Creature HZO: An Apology

I must tender an apology.  I have run up against a truly unexpected barrier with the Halloween Zombie Outbreak.

There is a fine line in film where a horror movie can turn into a snuff film.  I enjoy being frightened as simulated catharsis, but I am not into murder porn.  I feel like I've been dancing around that line with the HZO pieces and maybe even crossed over it at a couple of points.  In my searches for reference material for the Halloween Zombie Outbreak pieces, I've come across some real world images that have made my soul hurt.

Generally, I find myself inured to most horrific imagery, but there is real violence and real suffering in the world that is soul humbling.  I just can't draw anymore undead children with their intestines hanging out.  I'm not done with horror or with even with zombies, I just have to take a break.  I can't draw any more horror right now.

I may not be able to create anything new, but I do have some other zombie pieces that have been waiting in the wings that I will post to round out the Halloween Zombie Outbreak.

Thanks for understanding and viewing.


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